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Lentas International (PTY) Ltd (previously Lentas Beverages), first launched Volt Energy drink in July 2007. The company quickly grew both nationally and internationally resulting in the introduction of two additional brands namely Skull Energy drink and Maniac Energy drink.

Both Skull and Maniac energy drink were subsequently sold in 2016 to make way for the introduction of the Angry Birds brand which was produced under license to Finnish international gaming company Rovio. In addition to the Angry Birds contract the decision was made to diversify into the wellness beverage category which saw the launch of Acti-Bev, a Lentas innovative wellness range of beverages which currently includes a range of Aloe Vera and Oats Breakfast drinks.

In addition to servicing the Lentas International Brands the decision has been taken to offer these services to third party brands.

By utilizing the Lentas national infrastructure, smaller brands and/or international brands, which do not have a presence in South Africa are now able to capitalize on the Lentas retail infrastructure which includes, not only comprehensive sales and distribution channels but also top level management administration and key accounting.

Lentas International is perfectly positioned to take your brand to retail in South Africa.

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